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Costumes Rock


  • The Best 70’s Costumes for Women


    The Best 70’s Costumes for Women - Ostentatious and Dazzling!

    Get ready, get set, get groovy! If you wish to let loose and have some fun, then a 70’s theme party is the answer.

    Now, you must be thinking why 70’s instead of any other bygone era? Well, the era of 70’s was all about freedom, a myriad of hues, eclectic looks and a tendency to mix and match diverse styles with each other. It is an epoch of the existence of several styles in the fashion industry giving us hippie chic, power dressing, glam rock, and even punk - all within an expanse of 10 years.

    It is not arduous to revive fashion from the 1970s given that the outfits worn back in the era of flamboyance are still readily available these days. It can be a bit tricky to wear the retro trend of 70’s but by incorporating the key details you will definitely manage to look like you have just stepped off the runway without looking awkward or making any style glitches.

    So, if you are looking for The Best 70’s Costumes for Women and looking forward to wearing a creative, vivid, and convincing outfit for 70’s theme party, then Costumes Rock is a place to find the best collection. From boogie queen dress and hippie tunic to ponchos and bell bottoms, we have a vast array of the best 70’s costumes for women on our shelves!



  • Halloween Costumes for All Ages

                                                    Halloween Costumes for All Ages

    Halloween costumes remain the basis for the holiday. Aside from the candy, another item highly purchased during this period is the Halloween costume.  Halloween costumes are worn during the Halloween festival.

    The early reference for this dates back to Scotland in 1585 among the ancient Celtic people. They were the originators of Halloween although the term was not used at that time. Over the years the festival has spread its tentacles all over the world and it is highly celebrated in western countries. A special date was fixed to commemorate this festival annually the 31st of October was the date set aside for it.

    The idea behind wearing the Halloween costumes is tied to the belief of the ancient Celtic people. The ancient Celtic people believed that on this particular day the veil that separates the living world from the spirit world. This is which in a way propels some of these spirits to get into the world of the living and terrorize the people. It is the way to prevent such from happening the people wore disguises to scare the ghosts or spirits off.

    Halloween basically is quite different from other festivals this is because the costumes people wear during Halloween are diverse. People can dress like whoever they like to dress as. E.g. Santa Claus, although it’s a Christmas costume.

    Halloween doesn’t really have limits as to who you dress like.  In the past though, people were known to wear scary costumes like ghosts, and witches or wizards.  Now, any outfit can actually be worn depending on the person who wears them. In the 1930s children were the ones who wore costumes. More recent, the advent of the 21st century adults also become more involved in Halloween including wearing the Halloween costumes.

    Halloween is no longer an event celebrated by only children anymore.  Halloween costumes cut across all ages. Adults now engage themselves during this period and this in a way has fostered an increase in the purchase of Halloween costumes. The holiday is now mutually celebrated by both children and adults and costumes are also available likewise.

    The internet has made it easier for us, people no longer have to walk or transport themselves to the nearest Halloween costume shops to get a nice Halloween costume. Those online shopping platforms are there to make it convenient to shop for your Halloween costume. There are various Costume options to pick from. If you are into the Hollywood style let’s say a famous superhero like Ironman then this costume is your best pick.

    If it’s more like a family themed Halloween costume you desire you can as well go for the Addams family Halloween costume. This is very classy and tight.

    Whether it’s for the whole family or just for you, there are so many choices to pick from. All you have to do is to be open-minded and you would find the best costume for you and your family.


  • Rock This Halloween!


    Rock This Halloween With the Best 70’s Costumes for Women

    Are all you women ready to rock this Halloween?

    Not yet!


    I am sure it is the costume that is holding you back.

    Halloween is that time of the year when you get to dress as anybody or anything and get away with it. For women, there are umpteen choices when it comes to Halloween costumes. However, if you are still confused about what to wear on this Halloween, then the best option is to add some spice with something from the 70’s fashion trends.

    You might be done with being dressed up like a Wonder Woman, Vampire, Snow White, and other such done to death characters. So, this year, go back into the era which introduced us to the technicolor bell bottoms, bit belts, afros, shags, mullets and jheru curl trends! With so many options to choose from, the best 70’s costumes for women will add drama and pizzazz to your Halloween party.

    The dresses from 70’s fashion was over the top and had a crazy extravagant touch. Vibrant colors and pattern combinations in the fabric were accepted. It was the time of extravagant frivolity and the trend-setting celebrities, as well as their fans, knew exactly how to make the most of their fashion liberation.

    The tie-dye shirts, white gauze shirts, 70s style skirts, and feeling free Woodstock styles took the 70s by storm. Just go barefoot or throw on some sandals to achieve that look.

    The flashy bellbottoms and jumpsuits were popular in normal clothes styles but also really flashed on the disco floors. Choose the best outrageous styles for your tastes to stand out, then add a disco wig or afro style wig. Halloween 70's style never looked so great.

    So ladies, this Season, let’s embrace the 70's and disco fashion  era once again!

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